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Do you have a text in a source language that needs to be translated into another language? You are at the right place.  

What is translation?

Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. Although this sounds quite straightforward, the opposite is true. The translation process entails many different aspects that need to be considered and investigated thoroughly. A translator is often faced with a list of decisions to make such as “Who is the target audience of a text? Do I use American or British spelling (in case of a translation into English)?” or “Which equivalent will I use for a culture-bound expression?” 

Why do I need a professional translator?

Are you one of the people that wonders why they should hire a translator instead of using a free machine translation? Even though machine translation, such as Google Translate, is becoming more accurate every day and can be used to support a translation process, it cannot be considered a reliable source for a translation. Machine translation does not have the capacity to interpret language and text, which means it is not capable of, for example, identifying the culture-bound expressions as discussed earlier. This shortcoming often results in literal translations that do not really make sense. Therefore, human intervention when translating is still essential.


Do you need a professional translation and do you wish to receive a quote? Please let me know by filling out the contact form below. I will be glad to help you with any text that needs to be translated in these language combinations:

  • English into Dutch
  • Dutch into English
  • Spanish into Dutch
  • Dutch into Spanish

Please mention the following information in your message if you have a specific project:

  1. Language combination (e.g. Spanish into Dutch)
  2. Type of text (e.g. marketing, press release, legal contract, …)
  3. Amount of words
  4. Desired deadline


Do you have a text, self-composed or already translated, that needs to be revised by a language professional?

What is revision?

Revision is the act of reviewing a text. You can opt for a revision if spelling, grammar, style and/or consistency need to be checked. What do I do when revising a text? If you wrote a new text yourself, I will check spelling, grammar, style and consistency. If you have a translated text, I will also need the source text to check the translation accuracy and make sure all translations fit into the right context so the translation contains the same message and connotation as the original text. 

Ready to have your text revised? Fill in the contact form below with the following information:

  1.  Language
  2. Type of text (e.g. new text or translation)
  3. Amount of words
  4. Desired deadline

Copywriting and reinterpretation

Do you need some help writing exciting content for your website or do you need to improve readability of a technical text?

What is copywriting and reinterpretation?

The description of copywriting is quite simple: writing a text. Copywriting usually refers to texts written for marketing purposes, but if you need a hand with writing any type of text, such as an advertisement, website content, an annual report, etc., you can count on AxieGo. Besides copywriting, I can also help you to improve the readability of your text. Do you have a complicated text that needs to be edited for a different type of audience? Or do you even have a text in a source language that has to be translated into another language AND edited to improve readability? AxieGo is here to help. Just fill in the contact form with the following information or give me a call to discuss your project:

  1. Language
  2. Type of text
  3. Target audience
  4.  Length of the text
  5. Desired deadline


* The languages I can personally help you with are English, Spanish and Dutch. But if you need another combination, I would love to find you the perfect fit thanks to my network.

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** To make sure you pay an honest price for your projects, the price will be determined by various factors depending on the service you need. For example for a translation the following information is needed to make a correct quote: type of text, amount of words and desired deadline. Send me the information through a contact form or give me a call. Let’s get started!

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