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Axelle Gommers

When I was about five years old, my mother asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up . She was surprised when I said: “I want to learn languages because I would like to get to know every single person in the world. I think it would be great to know all the people we see in the park, don’t you think so mommy?” I probably said it with fewer words but you get the picture, right?

Languages and cultures have always fascinated me. Thinking about it now, becoming a language professional was the most logical step. In secondary school I chose to study science and sports, but even back then it was clear I was passionate about languages. At university I found exactly what I was looking for: a branch of studies that was filled with linguistics and learning about cultures. A few years later, I graduated as a Master in Translation in English, Spanish and Dutch. Do you need a native Dutch translator for your project

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During my studies at University, I started working parttime in the administrative department of a meat company. This was not necessarily my cup of tea, but I learned much about processing and categorising paperwork. Afterwards, I started working as an inside sales associate for a container trader in the port of Antwerp. I also helped the marketing and communication department with marketing campaigns and the maintenance of the online store of the company. This experience provided me with insight into the complete sales process, from the actual sales to customer service and invoicing, serving as the perfect steppingstone to start as a freelancer.

AxieGo language services stands for personal service, clear and fast communication, and transparency. Let me help you communicate and connect with a wider audience. Get your message across regardless of the language you speak.