Sworn translation and interpreting

You can count on me for sworn translations and interpreting assignments in the following languages: Dutch, English and Spanish. But what does that mean?

sworn translation

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation of a legal document from the source language to the target language. By legalising the translation it has the same legal force as the original document. Therefore, you can use the translation for offical procedures. Practically, this means I will digitally sign the translation. Do you still need a version on paper? That's not a problem. I will print the translation and sign it again manually.

What is sworn interpreting?

Interpeting is the verbal form of translation, a spoken translation. As an interpreter, I will assist you during any kind of conversation. This can be, for example, an appointment with your lawyer or notary. Please do take into account that an interpreter needs to follow deontological regulations. They imply that an interpreter needs to be neutral at all times and respect professional secrecy.

Languages and availability

I can help you with translations and interpreting assignments in the following language combinations:

  • Spanish - Dutch
  • Dutch - Spanish
  • English - Dutch
  • Dutch - English

I'm active in the provinces Antwerp and East-Flanders for interpreting assignments. Do you need another language combination or an interpreter in another location? Please don't hesitate to contact me. There is a wide network of colleagues that would love to help. I will try to find someone that fits your needs.