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How can I help?

Nouns, clauses, adjectives, verbs, … Are you lost already? Don’t worry. I am a passionate language professional and I would be delighted to help you with any language question you might have. That way you can spend your time doing what you love. Find out more about which language services I can provide.


Marketing en SEO vertaling

Do you have a text in a source language that needs to be translated into a different language? Go international by translating your website, marketing content and articles.



Do you have a text, self-composed or already translated, that needs revision by an expert native speaker? Make sure your text is accurate and easy to read.


Copywriting and transcreation

Need some help writing exciting content for your website or marketing campaign? Or need to improve readability of a technical text? Let's create or make some significant changes.

Work with AxieGo

For now, AxieGo language services is “just” a one-woman show. Nonetheless, I decided to set clear company values clients can count on. Working with AxieGo means you will enjoy personal serviceclear and fast communicationand transparency. My goal is to function as a bridge between people and cultures. Use my services to let your message get across to any target audience you have in mind. 

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Axelle Gommers

When I was about five years old, during a stroll in the park, my mom asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. She was quite surprised when I said: “I want to learn languages so I can get to know every single person in the world. I think it would be great to know all the people we see in the park, don’t you think so mommy?” I probably said it with fewer words but you get the picture, right?

Languages and cultures have always fascinated me. Thinking about it now, becoming a language professional was the most logical step. Read more about my story and discover how we can help each other.